The Guide to Experiencing a Home Away from Home in the Luxurious Hostels in Kolkata

Dec 22, 2021 | paying guest accommodations, PG Service | 0 comments

Getting a home away from home has always been on the wish list of all travelers. In an unknown land, a comfortable living place is the most needed requirement of people. Kolkata is a popular and one of the busiest cities in India. In the hustles and bustles of city life, many people are fulfilling their dreams. Sandree Home is offering a home-like feeling to those who visit Kolkata. It is the best hostel in Kolkata, arranging wide facilities to make your stay enjoyable.

Why Sandree Home?

You will get so many options for your stay in Kolkata, but not all places meet your requirement. Sandree Home knows your needs better because we have been in the industry for many years, offering a comfortable place to stay for visitors in Kolkata.

We aim at making your stay beautiful in the best possible way. Our services are budget-friendly, and you will get all the required amenities for your living. For students to job seekers, Sandree home is the best hostel in Kolkata as we reduce your expenses and help you live in the home-like comfort in our environment.

The benefits you will get:

Sandree Home offers a neat and clean environment, keeping safety and security at the top priority. We believe our place is the best option for your living in Kolkata, and we have so many convincing points here to discuss.


You can get a luxurious stay equipped with all amenities within your budget. Instead of choosing rented apartments or flats, you can visit Sandree Home which offers you a home-like stay.


You can grow your network at our premises, meeting other people who can be the best source of information. If you are a job seeker, this network will be very helpful for you.


Availability is another important factor. Sandree Home has a presence in all the prime places in Kolkata, from where you can easily travel to other corners of the city. Call us to know the availability at Sandree Place.


You will get the best amenities at our PG. We are the best boys hostel in Kolkata where you will get the all required amenities for your stay, starting with the basic ones – clean food, Wi-Fi, and pure water supply.


We take care of you the way your loved one does. At Sandree Home, you will get breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. We offer food maintaining hygiene without compromising on tastes. So, you can skip the hassle of cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning, and other related works.

Safe and secure:

You will get 24*7 security for your stay when you choose a PG. Owners install CCTV cameras on their premises, and they also maintain strong safety. We, at Sandree Home, maintain all safety measures, and there is a strict security concern for the outsiders to get enter our premises. You feel secure here.

No maintenance headache:

We take all responsibility for maintenance during your stay so that you can concentrate on the purpose, for which you visit here.

We look after any issue regarding electric wiring, plumber works, and cleaning services.

Sandree Home offers the best hostel in Kolkata, covering all the required things you need during your stay. please visit us to know more.


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